The School

The School has a broad and open-ended agenda of documenting, processing and studying the textual basis (both verbal and audio-visual) of human society and cultural life in the widest sense. Its activities include:

    • editing manuscripts and printed texts, especially those requiring multidisciplinary inputs, in electronic and print form
    • preparing databases, bibliographies, concordances, indexes, handlists, location registers and other reference tools and search engines for cultural and textual studies
    • studying the history of publishing and the printing press, especially in Bengal and in India as a whole
    • recording oral literature, oral history, interviews and other oral material
    • cross-modal or cross-segmental documentation: i.e., gathering material of different categories and genres in relation to a particular date, event or theme
    • collection of ephemera (political and commercial publicity material, job printing work etc.)
    • developing the resources for cultural informatics in India by accessing and developing appropriate technology for the above activities: in particular, creating appropriate software
    • publishing the output in printed and digital (including online) form

For a full account of the School’s activities, visit this page:


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